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Metronic LIFEPAK® 500 Automated External Defibrillator



LIFEPAK CR® Plus Defibrillator











Medtronic LIFEPAK® 500 Automated External Defibrillator - with new AHA 2005 Guidelines

Item# 81401-00001

Designed to be used by first responders to cardiac emergencies. Determines which shock is right for the individual, and ensures safe, simple delivery for widespread deployment.
Fast & Simple
Sleek, lightweight design for grab-and-go portability. The 500 weighs just seven pounds.
Clear screen messages, voice prompts, readiness display and lighted buttons guide responders.
Intuitive design ideal for infrequent or inexperienced users.
Pre-connected QUIK-COMBO™ electrodes with REDI-PAK™ preconnect system save valuable time on-scene. Electrode diagrams illustrate optimum placement.
Versatile & Affordable
ADAPTIV™ Biphasic Technology waveform, capable of delivering shocks at energy levels consistent with current American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines.
Choice of two or three button models. The standard is three buttons: on, analyze, and shock. The streamlined model has two buttons: on and shock.
Compatible with LIFENET® data management system.
Choice of maintenance-free lithium or rechargeable lead-acid batteries.
Sensibly priced.
Rugged and Reliable

The field-tough design is proven in real-world emergency conditions.
Automatic self-testing helps ensure your device is ready to go.

Price $1649.00

LIFEPAK® 500 Nonrechargeable Lithium Battery Pak, LiMnO2 (non-Aircraft)

LIFEPAK® 500 Nonrechargeable Lithium Battery Pak, LiMnO2 (non-Aircraft)

Item# 11141-000030

LIFEPAK® 500 Nonrechargeable Lithium Battery Pak, LiMnO2 (non-Aircraft)

Item# 11141-000030

A long-life low-maintenance battery pak designed for low or infrequent use environments. The lithium battery pak requires less maintenance than the SLA battery pak since it cannot be recharged. A new lithium battery pak may last up to 4 years when installed in the LIFEPAK 500 AED under optimal conditions and no patient use.

The lithium manganese dioxide chemistry used in this battery provides an increased capacity for full discharge shocks (416 vs 312) or operating "ON" time (18 hrs vs 14 hrs) over lithium sulphur dioxide.

Price $329.00

LIFEPAK® 500 Rechargeable SLA Battery Pak

Catalog: 11141-000002
PN: 3005379-000

LIFEPAK® 500 Rechargeable SLA Battery Pak

Item# 11141-000002

The SLA battery pak is a rechargeable battery designed for environments where the LIFEPAK 500 AED is frequently used.
The SLA battery pak must be recharged periodically. The SLA battery pak should be recharged monthly or after each use and should be replaced every two years or after 200 charge cycles

Price $199.00


LifePak 500 TRAINER 2005 Guidelines

LifePak 500 TRAINER 2005 Guidelines




LifePak 500 TRAINER 2005 Guidelines

Item# LP500T-2

  • Realistic training with screen messages, audible tones, and voice prompts that guide users through simulated analysis, energy delivery and prompted CPR interval.
  • Simulates a full range of real-life scenarios with preconfigured routines—or you can create your own.
  • Wireless remote allows instructors to control the pace or interrupt routines.
  • Includes four D batteries.
  • Designed for all CPR manikins; training electrodes are reusable.
  • Comes with carrying case.
Price $395.00


Lifepak CR Plus AED Training System

LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED Training System


LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED Training System

Item# CR31T

Provides realistic training without energy discharge. Compatible with any CPR manikin system.

Includes one AED Trainer, remote control and cable, simulated battery charger, set of reusable training electrodes capable of approximately 30 applications, carrying case (soft-sided, grey), AED Instruction Card, Operating Instructions, and batteries for remote control and AED Trainer.

Follows all eight American Heart Association Heartsaver AED training scenarios and all four American Red Cross training scenarios. Create a number of custom scenarios for your students with the multi-function remote control.

The trainer operates on four standard D-size batteries for approximately 100 continuous hours. Simulates automatic or semi-automatic model.


Price $395.00

Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes

Catalog: 11101-000016
PN: 3202380-001









Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes

Item# 11101-000016

Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes Compatibility – use only with LIFEPAK 500 AEDs with a pink connector or any LIFEPAK CR® Plus defibrillator. Intended for use on children less than 8 years of age or 25kg (55lbs).
Infant/Child Electrodes are smaller than adult defibrillation electrodes. The electrode reduces the energy dose delivered to the patient by a factor of four. If the AED is set up to deliver a dosage of 200, 300, 360J using adult defibrillation pads, the dose will be approximately 50, 75, 86J with the Infant/Child Electrodes.

Please be aware Infant/Child Electrodes are not compatible with the QUIK-COMBO™ defibrillation cable (Catalog number: 11110-000054)

To extend a community heartsafe program to children eight and under, order the Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrode Starter Kit. The Starter Kit contains one pair of electrodes, a storage pouch and appropriate safety instructions and labels. While few patients will ever be candidates for this therapy, Infant/Child Electrodes offer the opportunity to save many years of someone's life.

Price $119.00

EDGE System™ Electrodes with REDI-PAK Preconnect System

Catalog: 11996-000017
PN: 3202674-001

EDGE System™ Electrodes with REDI-PAK Preconnect System

Item# 11996-000017

When it comes to defibrillation electrodes, efficacy, patient comfort and ease of use are vital to defibrillation/cardioversion and positive patient outcomes. With the EDGE System electrodes with REDI-PAK preconnect system, customers receive the best technology available on all counts.
Disposable, combination therapy electrodes perform ECG monitoring and simplify therapy delivery for pacing, defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion.

REDI-PAK preconnect system allows electrode connection prior to use without breaking the package seal. Saves valuable time at patient arrival.

Eliminates time-consuming electrode changes and promotes continuity of patient care. If used with a LIFEPAK defibrillator other than the 500, requires QUIK-COMBO therapy cable designed for that defibrillator.

Price $49.00

Wall Cabinet, Recessed

Catalog: 11998-000293
PN: 3012604-006

Wall Cabinet, Recessed


Our wall cabinets allow you to make sure your LIFEPAK CR Plus or LIFEPAK 500 AED is clearly visible and accessible to anyone who could potentially save a life.
Recessed (1.5 inch return trim) style helps ensure smooth fit with supporting wall structure.

Manufactured of steel finished with baked on white epoxy finish.

Equipped with a standard alarm that can be armed or disarmed with key lock. It can also be fitted with magnetic contacts and lead wires to tie into most low voltage fire and/or security systems.

Standard labeling, acrylic glazing and pull handle are also included. Each cabinet includes one AED Wall Placard and CPR/AED wall poster.

Ideal for facilities such as airports, health clubs, golf courses, hotels, high rise buildings, gated communities and sprawling manufacturing plants.

Price $259.00
Carrying Case for the LIFEPAK® 500 AED
Catalog: 11998-000014
PN: 3005343-006

Carrying Case for the LIFEPAK® 500 AED

Item# 11998-000014

Durable case features snap opening, detachable shoulder strap, internal pocket for electrode/cable storage, and slot for AED instruction card.

Price $135.00
Hard Shell Carrying Case
Catalog: 11998-000021
PN: 3005384-002

Hard Shell Carrying Case

Item# 11998-000021

Impact-resistant suitcase with removable foam inserts provides additional protection for the 500.
Formatted storage for the 500, battery, electrodes, cables, and more. Bright yellow color ensures high visibility.

Price $279.00

AED Wall Placard

AED Wall Placard

Item# 11250-000003

AED Wall Placard

Item# 11250-000003

Helps to ensure the AED will be easily located in the event of an emergency.

Laminated sign indicates location of on-site AED.

Dimensions: 10" X 10"

Price $9.00

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