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Medtronic Lifepak



Medtronic Lifepak
Express AED













Medtronic Lifepak Express AED - with new AHA 2005 Guidelines

The EXPRESS AED is so easy to use, it is suitable for the minimally trained responder. The defibrillator shows and tells the rescuer exactly waht to do, one step at a time, making each step obvious. A centrally located, flashing shock button makes it clear what the user should push if the defibrillator determines a shock is needed. In the chaotic conditions surrounding sudden cardiac arrest, the defibrillator's ease of use helps promote quick, effective treatment.

The EXPRESS is compatible with the advanced LIFEPAK defibrillators used by the majority of emergency medical services (EMP) teams, including the industry-leading LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitor, and is built to the tough environmental specifications EMS teams require. ADAPTIV biphasic technology automatically adjust therapy to each person's needs and escalates from 200 to 360 joules if the heart doesn't respond to previous shocks. This can enhance defibrillation succes, with the goal of saving more lives.

The battery system uses an easy-to-change CHARGE-PAK battery charger, and replacement dates for thebattery charger and electrodes are synchronized, cutting required maintenance efforts in half. A unique built-in system helps ensure the EXPRESS has full power if and when sudden cardicac arrest strikes. Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes make therapy available to even the youngest victims of sudden cardiac arrestl; up to eight years olds or 25kg (55 lbs).

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Item: CR112

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