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Baby Anne Face

Baby Anne Faces (Pkg. of 6)

Item# 050200

Removable face mask can be used on a one-per-student basis, or continuously with normal disinfection between students. Manikin face masks are realistic. Package includes 6 manikin faces.


Price $54.65
Baby Anne Airways

Baby Anne Airways (Pkg of 24)
Disposable airways are one airway per student per class for student safety.




Price $24.36
Baby Anne Carry Case

Baby Anne Soft Single Pack case




Price $23.50
Baby Anne Carry Case

Baby Anne Soft Four Pack Carrying Case


Holds 4 Baby Anne Manikins

Item# 050610



Price $54.50
Baby Anne Foreign Objects

Baby Anne Foreign Objects (pkg. 10)

For use with Baby Anne.

Item# 050300


Price $11.87






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