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CPR Teddy Kit

2005 CPR TEDDY™ Kit

(Teddy, DVD, Instruction Manual, Mask,
Wallet Reminder Card & Warranty Card)
Item: T-051-S

Price $79.95 


CPR Teddy Child Care Center Kit

CPR TEDDY™ Child Care Center Kit

(CPR Teddy Kit, 10 Masks, Practice Chart, 250 Stickers, Letters)
Item: T-051-C

Price $129.95
CPR & First Aid Training DVD - English

2005 CPR & First Aid Training DVD-English
Item: D-051-E


Price $19.95
Replacement Mask (5 pack)

CPR TEDDY™ Replacement Mask (5 pack)
Item: M-005




Price $19.95


  • Squeeze the left paw to practice child (1-8 years) choking rescue and CPR skills
  • Squeeze the right paw to practice infant (birth to 1 year) choking rescue and CPR skills


  • For both infant and child, a voice quickly reviews what to do if the infant or child is choking and then what to do if the infant or child loses consciousness. Following this quick review, the voice prompts the user through a one-minute practice session of his or her CPR skills.


  • To practice rescue breathing, slip the breathing mask over the bear's nose. Open the pocket in the bear's chest, and insert the air bag into the pocket. When prompted to give a breath, blow on the breathing mask enough to see the bear's chest rise
  • A metronome beeps in the background to set the pace for chest compressions
  • A voice prompts you to "Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 . . . 30. Give breath." for five cycles or about 2 minutes.

Correct CPR Teddy Compressions Incorrect CPR Teddy Compressions

  • As you press the red heart on the bear's chest (which on an infant or child would be located between the nipples), a green light in the bowtie indicates that you are pressing the correct depth. A red light means you are pressing too hard.
  • After about 2 minutes of practice, the voice will prompt you to call 911 and continue CPR.




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