Nita Newborn CPR Manikin

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Nita newborn



Nita Newborn







Nita Newborn

Comprehensive vascular access training in a newborn manikin

Item# VT-800


The Nita Newborn is a model of a 4 lb, 16" newborn female with realistic landmarks and articulation for vascular access procedures.

This Product Includes.... Nose and mouth openings allow placement of nasal cannulas, endotracheal tubes, nasotracheal tubes and feeding tubes

  • Standard venipuncture in various sites facilitating blood withdrawal, fluid infusion and heparinization
  • Median, basilic and axillary sites in both arms
  • Saphenous and popliteal veins in right leg
  • External jugular and temporal veins
  • Central catheter insertion, securing, dressing and maintenance
  • PICC line insertion, securing, dressing and maintenance
  • Umbilical catheterization

Nita Newborn includes: Infant manikin, fluid bag and tubing, simulated blood, diaper and carry case.


Price $612.00




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